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Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make moving day even easier.

Doing this will save you time and confusion, and help everyone know where to look for an item.

  1. Pack Early. Did you know, if you pack two boxes a day, in 30 days you will have packed sixty boxes? Try not to leave things to the last minute so you can make sure everything is packed and labeled properly and you aren’t overwhelmed.

  2. Draw a floor plan and know where you want furniture placed in the new home.

  3. Make sure you have all the right packing supplies.

  4. Utilize wardrobe boxes.

  5. Make sure there is adequate parking for the moving truck at both ends of the move.

  6. Pack dishes sideways NOT flat.

  7. Pack all liquids in 1 or 2 boxes clearly marked “liquids” to avoid spillage

  8. Make a list of things in your home that need special attention while moving

  9. Be sure to label all fragile boxes

  10. Make sure all rugs are rolled up and taped

  11. Have all your curtains taken down and packed

  12. Get rid of any clutter that may be in the way of the movers.

  13. Defrost fridge and freezers.

  14. And most importantly, relax and let the professionals do their job!

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Parris International Moving and Storage